Zero impact production cycle

Thanks to the investments made in highly energy efficient machinery, the energy consumption necessary to produce the hoses is reduced to a minimum: just think that to make 8000 hoses the energy consumption is only 100kw. All the silos, cooling tanks and production cycle equipment is made of stainless steel to avoid any type of contamination.

We recycle in a closed cycle and filter the cooling water, eliminating microplastics which are regularly recycled together with the filters. The oils from the compressors, extruders and vacuum pumps are filtered, collected and recycled during ordinary maintenance.

With integrated cooling we avoid the emission of fumes into the environment. We recover microplastics from extrusion fumes in closed-circuit water.

Logistics and transport

The lightness of Idroeasy hoses leads to a substantial reduction in overall dimensions in logistics spaces and a significant saving of CO2 in transport, as well as optimizing the profitability of the POS per linear square meter.

To produce its garden hoses Idroeasy uses