Magic Soft Smart Italian Style


SKU: C2733P
Categories: Extendable hoses, Idroeasy: Garden Hoses
Tags: extendable tube, multifunctional shower, quick fittings
Colors: Aquamarine, Coral, Light Blue, Lilac
Product description

Magic Soft Smart Italian Style is an extensible hose that stretches with water pressure up to 3 times its original length. The maximum extension is reached after a few uses.

Our It’s Magic Soft Smart Italian Style pipe: it is an innovative solution that combines lightness, resistance and safety to guarantee excellent performance, with bright colors and the typical majolica of our peninsula.

Its exceptional structure makes it lightweight, but also resistant to bending and twisting, ensuring use without inconvenience or interruption.

It is made with food quality raw materials, is completely non-toxic and certified for the transport of drinking water. This means you can use it with complete peace of mind to water your garden, knowing that it complies with the highest safety standards.

The hose is already equipped with two Idroeasy fittings, compatible with a wide range of accessories on the market that use the garden quick release system. Furthermore, the included hand shower offers 6 spray modes, completed by a practical On/Off button to maximize control during watering.

The kit doesn’t end there: it also includes a matching hose bag, a practical and functional accessory that allows you to store the hose comfortably and without clutter.

And if your needs require a different length, no problem! This hose is easily cut and connected, allowing you to easily adapt to your specific needs. With It’s Magic Soft Smart Italian Style, the magic of innovation combines with practicality, giving you the freedom to customize and use your hose exactly as you want

• Extendable up to 3 times its size with water pressure alone
• Light
• Anti-knot
• Anti-torsion
• Made in Italy
• Non-toxic
Complete kit with two fittings, lance and hose bag included
• Smart price
• Compact and easy to store
• Can be cut and joined
• Flexible even at low temperatures

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